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Session 1:
18 NOV : 13.30-14.15  Opening Session - The value of evidence

This session will explore what constitutes useful and meaningful evidence in quality assurance, what big data, learning analytics, AI and open data mean for quality assurance, the link between evidence and quality, and the implications for measuring quality in higher education

•    Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive, Office for Students, the UK
•    Dragan Gasevic, Professor, Monash University, Australia
Chair: Jens Jungblut, EQAF Programme Committee

Session 2:
18 NOV : 14.45-15.30 Discussion Starter Session

a)    Indicators in learning and teaching and the social dimension 
Chair: Joaquim Mourato, EQAF Programme Committee

b)    Quality assurance and academic integrity 
Chair: Pegi Pavletić, EQAF Programme Committee

c)    The road to meaningful standards and criteria in higher education institutions 
Chair: Gea van Zutven, EQAF Programme Committee

Session 3:
18 NOV : 16.00-17.00 Paper Session

a)    Accreditation on the move 
Chair: Ulf Hedbjörk, EQAF Programme Committee

b)    Quality assurance of joint programmes 
Chair: Ronny Heintze, EQAF Programme Committee

Session 4:
19 NOV : 09.30-10.30 Paper Session

c)    Trust and impact in higher education 
Chair: Liv Teresa Muth, EQAF Programme Committee

d)    Strengthening external engagement 
Chair: Geneviève Le Fort, EQAF Programme Committee

Session 5:
19 NOV : 11.00-11.45 Discussion Starter Session

d)    Data and conversations: opposites or complementary? 
Chair: Ronny Heintze, EQAF Programme Committee

e)    Students – a rich source in quality assurance 
Chair: Geneviève Le Fort, EQAF Programme Committee

f)    The potential of digitalisation in data management 
Chair: Ruben Jannsens, European Students' Union 

Session 6:
19 NOV : 12.15-13.00 Closing Session - Building trust through quality assurance

This session will discuss what makes quality assurance and its results more convincing to and reliable for diverse stakeholders and how evidence-based quality assurance contributes to building trust.

•    Vanessa Debiais-Sainton, Head of Higher Education Unit, DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, European Commission
•    Mirek Pospisil, Senior Lead Manager for Public Policy and Government Affairs, LinkedIn 
•    Martina Darmanin, President of the European Students' Union 
Chair: Karl Ditrich, President of the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education 

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